Earlier this year, we were able to provide $40,000 to the Children’s Heart Program of South Carolina at the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital for quality improvement projects. These projects will save lives by providing better outcomes and ensuring children are prepared for success after life in the hospital. One of these projects is a Cardiac Neurodevelopment Clinic at MUSC.

What is the Cardiac Neurodevelopment Clinic? This clinic provides care starting with the inpatient procedures and continuing once the child has left the hospital to ensure full development and successful growth.

What is done at the Clinic? Because learning disabilities, stunted growth and other effects are common after receiving heart surgery, the clinic careful­ly monitors every child’s developmental progress and provides services that lead to a healthy and normal life outside the hospital.

Why donate to a hospital in Charleston, SC? The Children’s Heart Center at MUSC is the only pediatric heart center in South Carolina that performs surgeries and heart catheterizations on children.