When a family has a child with a heart defect, the emotional difficulties can often be the hardest to overcome. That is why Tina Bentley, mother of Anna Grace who was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, created the group Upstate Heart Moms. This group serves mothers of children with heart defects in the upstate through monthly meetings to create a sense of community and to foster relationships among moms going through similar situations.

The group allows moms to share personal stories about their children, as well as to discuss new developments in treatment for heart defects. The main purpose of Upstate Heart Moms, however, is to have a space for prayer and encouragement with people who have an understanding of heart defects that others may not have. Tina said, “Regardless of the season of life each of us is in with our heart baby’s journey, we know that there is a tight knit group who understands what we are going through and we can lean on during the difficult times and laugh and celebrate with during the victories.”
The ERHF® recognizes the importance of this emotional support outside of the hospital, and is happy to have partnered with Upstate Heart Moms by providing Panera gift cards to the group. This small contribution to the group relieves the moms of any financial constrains they may have so that anyone needing this kind of support can find it.
Tina said, “I have been blessed beyond words having met these moms and their precious children. I am honored that the Lord would use me to be an encouragement to others, and the truth is they have been an equal encouragement to me!”
Upstate Heart Moms meets the first Friday of every month from 7-9 p.m. at the Panera Bread Co. in Spartanburg, SC (Blackstock Rd. location). If you would like more information, call Tina Bentley at (864) 699-9668.

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