Caroline Grace was born September 26, 2013 at MUSC. During my 20 week anatomy scan, we were told by my regular OB that they had spotted something on her bladder and we needed to have a better scan at Maternal Fetal Medicine. My husband and I thought it wasn’t going to be anything serious. At the appointment with MFM, we were told that not only did our baby have a cyst on her bladder but her right kidney did not work and she had a serious heart defect. Our next appointment we met with Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Horne for a fetal echo. He drew us pictures and spoke to us about what was possibly wrong with Caroline’s heart. But he said she would be okay!

As of today, Caroline has had 3 open heart surgeries (OHS), and multiple non-heart related surgeries. She is what they consider a “complete repair” but will still need at least 2 more OHS as she gets bigger. She is the happiest, strongest, and toughest little girl we know! And such a miracle from God! #CHDHeartestStories #FacesofCHD #CHDAware#1in100 #HeartMonth #ERHF