Marlee was born on August 11, 2008 at St Francis Eastside. We were told she was perfectly healthy and could go home with us 2 days later. On the night before discharge, a nurse had asked us if she’d like us to watch her while we slept and of course we agreed. In the middle of the night, the nurse noticed her turning white and took her straight to the NICU. We were transported by EMS to Greenville Memorial where Marlee was diagnosed with an Interrupted Aortic Arch and VSD.

They told us she would need open heart surgery, but she was so sick from lack of blood flow that her abdominal organs were shutting down. She finally became stable enough to be flown to MUSC where she had open heart surgery to repair her IA and VSD. She is our miracle and are thankful every day for our beautiful fighter! #ERHF #FacesofCHD #CHDAware #HeartMonth#1in100