The ERHF is grateful for the support of Wren Middle Schools students, families, and staff during Heart Month. It a blessing to partner with others in changing the lives of those affected by CHDs!

On January 25, Jason Smith from the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation came and spoke to the Wren Middle School Beta Club students about his story and his daughter who had a CHD. The students were observably emotionally moved by the struggles the heart babies and families face. Beta students then shared what they learned with the rest of Wren Middle School. Homerooms collected student donations during the week of February 5–9, and teachers were allowed to wear jeans for contributing $15. WMS students and teachers showed up BIG for these heart babies and their families by raising $2088 for the ERHF˝. The top three contributing homeroom classes celebrated with heart-shaped cookies and drinks on Valentine’s Day.

Student Quotes:

“The Emerson Rose Heart Foundation was really inspirational because they turned something really sad into something amazing and honorable.”–Maritza A.

“The Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is inspirational for helping babies with heart defects.”

Mira P.

“I learned from the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation, or ERHF, that it’s very hard when a child is born with a heart condition for the child and the parents, but the ERHF helps families with these struggles.” –Ainsley W.

“Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is worth every penny to save a child with a heart defect. They are great people that have a purpose. For me, a penny can save a life.” –Natalie H.

“After hearing about Emerson Rose, I was inspired to help more babies with this defect.” –Derrick C.

“The impact of the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is truly incredible, and I hope they can do good in our community forever more.” –Nathan J.

“Donating to the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation is like saving a life.” –Thomas B.

“The seed was planted long ago that has grown Wren Middle Beta Sponsors’ love for heart babies. They would like to honor two special heart babies through their efforts with this fundraising: sweet baby James Brewster who strongly fought a heart battle and survivor Miracle MAC who continues to inspire others through his courage and sweet spirit.“

–Tonia Crawford and Jessica Tollison, Teachers