Our sweet 2 year old, Jaxon, went in for a routine doctors appointment. We never knew at that doctors appointment our lives would change. His doctor was concerned for his heart murmur. It didn’t sound good that day, so we were ordered to go see cardiology again. We had seen cardiology before. Our son had a hemangioma after birth between his eyes, a compound vascular birthmark tumor. The medicine to treat it is a beta blocker that they use on heart patients. But fast forward back to this appointment we made with cardio. We went through tests and finally met with the doctor. We never thought it would be a 3 hour visit for the doctor to tell me that our son was battling a rare CHD. He said that he would need open heart surgery, and we couldn’t wait to do it. We would be going for more tests and procedures the following week. That next week we found out he would go in the following week for surgery. We met with the doctors and nurses, asked all our questions, made our plans and waited. That’s the hardest part is waiting. We knew surgery would be 4-5 hours; it ended up being 7 hours. Seeing our son for the first time was hard. It’s not something you can ever prepare yourself for. He came out fine. They had a little complication getting his bleeding under control, but they got it. We were in the hospital for 5 days and came home to finish healing. We had our first follow up and other follow ups after. All I can say is you can never ask too many questions. Be the voice for your child. We are the ones with them everyday and know if something is off. For our little boy, I know when something is off and just not right. He can’t tell us what is wrong or what he is feeling, so you learn to pick up on different gestures and sounds.