Heart Valve Research Update with Lee Sierad

Heart Valve Research Update with Lee Sierad When we last heard about Lee Sierad, his research team was presented with a $25,000 grant from ERHF for his research to work towards developing living biomaterials that can be formed into pediatric and young adult heart valves.  Sierad’s work is geared towards researching ways to [...]

Heart Valve Research Update with Lee Sierad2021-11-16T10:15:51-05:00

Consider Impacting CHD Families Today

Consider Impacting CHD families today As we approach the end of the year, we ask that you consider Emerson Rose Heart Foundation in your end-of-year donations. ERHF is not funded by government grants; therefore, our funding comes from generous donors who make what we do possible. If it weren't for donors, we wouldn't [...]

Consider Impacting CHD Families Today2021-11-16T10:15:33-05:00

Filling in the Gaps

Filling the Gaps Imagine you, or your wife, is pregnant and as you’re taking a trip to visit family overseas, you go into early labor. After your beautiful baby is born, they conduct a series of routine tests on your baby, only to discover your baby has a critical congenital heart defect [...]

Filling in the Gaps2021-11-16T10:15:07-05:00